Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Day of the Cineplex

I don't normally talk about the details of my corporate ownership in public online, but I have a little story to tell.

This morning I excitedly bought a chunk of Cineplex Inc - Canada's big theatre chain. I was a bit bored today, and I was excited about having acquired part of the theatre, and today is discount tuesday where people with scene cards get a 10% discount on already-discounted tuesday tickets. I have a scene card, so I decided to go to my local theatre at Crowfoot Crossing and watch a movie.

The story I want to share was the time I spent at the concession stand:

-I walk up to the teller and tell him I want a number (4?) combo - the hotdog with nachos, cheese, and a large diet coke.
-He asked me what movie I'm going to see.
-I tell him I'm going to see epic.
-He tells me that's a pretty good movie, and then comments "Isn't that a Disney film?", looking at me like I'm a bit old to see something that's G rated all by myself.
-I responded saying that I had no idea who made the movie. And then feeling awkward about being an old man going to see a kids' movie by myself, I decided to break the news: "Actually, I'm here because I just bought this company".
-He looked at me with with surprise (or shock) on his face. He seemed to be a little astounded that he was now speaking to the new owner of the Cineplex theatre.
-To calm him down, I decided to tell him exactly how many shares I purchased.
-He seemed rather impressed by my level of ownership in the company, but the situation became less awkward because though I have a big share, it is actually a really quite small share. Depends on your perspective.

Anyway, that was a fun little story about today. One more thing: as I retrieved my hotdog from the pickup counter, I went to the condiment stand and tried to get some relish for my hotdog. They were all out of relish - nothing coming out of the pump.

With my level of ownership in the company, you'd think I'd be able to instruct the folks at the local cineplex to keep the relish stocked. :) haha. Yes - if any one at cineplex reads this, I am an owner, and my input on how to run this company is to "keep the relish stocked and available in the relish dispenser-pump thing".

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