Tuesday, April 16, 2013

We just heard a voice

I was sitting down in the living room when I heard a strange sound.

I was asking my dad "Dad - did you hear that?"

He had heard it, and it appeared to be coming from somewhere in the living room. We both heard it - we both know what it sounded like -- it was like a voice, a voice that was giggling. A short little giggle. It made no sense whatsoever.


At least we both heard it - or else it might've been considered a mental illness hallucination.


I mean, we actually have no idea what the sound was - but it sounded like it was IN our living room.
So --- my father and I both heard an unidentified giggly voice that just came out of nowhere -- the TV wasn't turned on and it's extremely unlikely that it was our computers. Huh.

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