Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Those Little Hidden Messages

It's so weird - I almost wonder if I shouldn't mention this, but not only has general conference made some subtle references to my writing, but I see other things that remind me of myself too. Weirdly enough.

I just finished watching Ray William Johnson's new Equals Three upload: CHEATING EX. I am seriously reminded of myself.

Video 1: READ MY BOOK --- it's similar to something I once did.

Video 2: Reminds me of Jim Carrey.

Video 3: Sadly enough, this also reminds me of myself.


I recently got a Kindle Direct Publishing newsletter that spotlighted three books from other authors. The Books are titled "Aftermath", "Metamorphosis" and "Wide Awake".  Read my writings - it's almost completely obvious how much just the book titles relate to me. Wow.


Actually, I'm not entirely surprised that Amazon suddenly seemed to take interest in secret-messaging about my writings in a newsletter: recently that guy who gave me 1/5 stars responded to TheRegalBeagle's response comment and I got an e-mail telling me what he said. Well, to put it simply, Amazon deleted the reviewer's response. Not only was it personally insulting to myself as if the writer thought he knew me personally, but it also just looked like complete idiocy. I'm not sure I should repeat some of the idiotic things he said, but it just seems that the reviewer had nothing nice or logical to say --- personally attacking me, the author as if he thought he knew me, and then claiming TheRegalBeagle's response had nothing to do with his original review - which was obviously complete BS. And amazon deleted his comment within a day after it was posted, so yeah, Amazon just knows about me now.


Oh --- and The Book of Finch is now free to download on a few Amazon websites. Yay. I find I only get my sales reported to me when the book is free. Isn't that weird?


Have a good day everyone.

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