Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Lyric Video and More Book!!

I just saw the Lyric video of Avril Lavigne's "Here's to Never Growing Up". Either they didn't include my submission, or they skipped over it so quickly that it's barely noticeable or not noticeable.

There's a good reason for that too::: my video submission had to be the lamest video of anyone lipsyncing the words I was given, and I didn't even include a picture.

To be absolutely honest::: when I was young, that kind of enthusiasm that I expressed in my submission is about what you would expect from me - when I was young. I think I've gotten younger as I've gotten older, and as a young person I was actually very mature - so yeah, my submission was the lamest submission that they didn't really show in the video and essentially - when I was young, the quality and enthusiasm I had at that age is actually represented in my submission. I was just not a very energized child. I was generally, more or less, a "get to work and be serious" kind of guy - but that's just me, and that's what makes me so lame.

As I've grown up, I've completely lost all sense of responsibility - and it's clear that I am now enjoying my childhood as an adult - that is pretty much the way it is.


As for my book, I might not update the softcover to the latest edition until Avril returns an important document to me--- but I think we can expect some format changes in the Fourth Edition.

What I mean is, I recently just sat down and started reading my second edition hardcover and I realized that Second Edition is a far prettier book than my 'do-it-myself' third edition --- AuthorHouse did a good job on formatting the second edition and it's just very very pretty.

So, Fourth Edition of The Book of Finch will probably see a return to the GEORGIA font, away from Times New Roman. Georgia looks like it's much nicer to read than Times New Roman. And Authorhouse's cover for the second edition is also way nicer than my own cover for Third Edition, so we'll have to think about that.

Basically  - Third Edition was my experiment in doing it myself, and I have to say that I really screwed up in so many ways. :) But I'm learning, and hopefully by the time Avril returns that document, Fourth Edition will be absolutely awesome, although I have no ideas for a new cover and may continue to use what I already have with the only difference being "Fourth Edition" printed on the front, or I'll stop counting and just use the year number to indicate the edition - we'll see.


NOT THAT ANYONE CARES - It's like I can only distribute my book if it's for free anyways so it's not like anyone is actually gonna help me pay my debts by actually buying my book - but anyway.


to tell the truth --- if all my facebook fans actually bought and paid for a copy of each of my books, I'd either have my debt paid or seriously reduced - but no, so far it seems like almost anyone who reads my book takes it for free and my "likers" on facebook "like" it for no real reason. They just click "like" without knowing or reading or buying the story. Sucks.


So, I screwed up royally on my formatting of Third Edition, but I am learning, and hopefully if there is a Fourth Edition it'll be beautiful like Second Edition was.


As for my book "The Eagle's Sore" softcover: yet another screw up story, too many problems in the text and now that I've finalized the latest edition, I am again thinking I would prefer Georgia font anyways. Ugh. Darn. Hmmm.

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