Saturday, April 6, 2013

Saturday Morning Session of 183rd General Conference 2013

I have two comments to make:


Before General Conference began, for at least a week before it began, or maybe about a week, I had asked God FIVE questions to be answered in General Conference this spring.

I think it's OK to say that QUESTION #2 HAS BEEN ANSWERED in Saturday Morning's session.

Question #2 is: Is it true that Mormon really are truly retarded?

Answer: One of the speakers, whose identity I cannot remember, gave a talk about an earthquake in San Francisco, and his response to my question was that NO MEMBER OF THE CHURCH WILL KNOWINGLY WANT TO BUILD THEIR HOUSE UPON THE SAND OF FOOLISHNESS.

That is essentially like an answer to the question. OK, cool.


Comment #2 about this session:

Boyd K Packer recited his poem, and then went on to talk about the commotion among the FINCHes in the English Ivy on his home. Yes - his talk of Finches being killed feels like a reminder of one of the stories and themes in The Book of Finch, as well as it may be a threat or a warning towards myself (or at least, I would take it that way). Perhaps I could say more, but I will not.

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