Saturday, April 6, 2013

Saturday Afternoon Session of 183rd General Conference 2013

OK, so there are a few things to cover in this post:

1) Elder Richard K Melchin has been released from his position as an Area Seventy. He was recently called to be my family's home teacher. Anyway, I'm not sure how this will affect anything, but it is noteworthy to say he has been released.

2) Elder Quentin L Cook of the Twelve Apostles gave an EXCELLENT talk about Peace, world peace, personal peace, or the lack thereof. He even mentioned Matthew 10:34 --- a scripture commonly not referred to in LDS teachings, yet important to the story of my book. I would just like to say that I will accept Elder Cook's talk as an answer to QUESTION #1 of my five questions for general conference.

My question was, and it can be re-worded in various ways: "Since mormons are so retarded, why should anyone have to be baptized?" or in other words "Since the LDS church rejected Avril Lavigne from missionary work, why should SHE have to be baptized in order to attain salvation?"

I accept Elder Cook's talk as a response to this question because he taught that regardless of mankind's abuse of agency (retarded mormons), the atonement is an equalizing force that makes everything fair in the end, and really, the reason anyone should be baptized is because the Gospel or Jesus Christ provide TRUE PERSONAL PEACE.

So: why should anyone have to be baptized seeing as how church members/leaders are very capable of being very retarded? Because the gospel is the true path to finding God's peace, personal peace, regardless of individual abuse of agency.


Two questions down, three to go.


3) Elder David A Bednar of the 12 Apostles also gave an excellent talk, and it may have indirectly answered question #4, but that's not the question he was trying to answer, and it's not the response I was trying to find. His talk may have not been the response, but it might have been a response. I might have to look at his talk in a deeper way to see if it really was a response.

My question WAS NOT and NOTHING TO DO WITH "Why is chastity so important?", the question he said he was answering.


4) Elder Russel M Nelson gave a talk which briefly touched on Question #3, but his response was so short and inadequate to my mind that I would call it a "cop-out" if it is the only response the church provides this General Conference.


But yes, I really enjoyed Elder Cook's and Elder Bednar's talks this session. Yay.

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