Sunday, April 28, 2013

Latest Telepathy with Avril Lavigne

OK --- In my home experiments with my mother and father in mind reading, I am doing really poorly. However, last night I connected with "Avril Lavigne", and had some clear discussion with "her".

Now, I put her name in quotes because she responded to me like she was Avril Lavigne, but I will open up the possibility that it might not have actually been her --- I've always wondered if it's actually an angel who is pretending, but it might have really been her -- maybe we'll find out.


SO--- How did our discussion go? I'm not sure I want to talk about all of it, and I probably don't remember all of it -- but I'll mention a few points::


Me: "Avril, you are SOOOO fat."

Avril: "I'm not fat!"

Me: "I meant 'pretty hot and tempting'" (meant as a joke)


Me: "Wanna hear about the latest video games I've been playing?"

Avril: "Don't you dare!!!"

I then proceed to talk to tell her the names of the games and what they're about -- I will not reveal this information here just in case she really did receive the transmission and would like to somehow message about the kind of game I was telling her about.


Me: "What is your bra size?"

Avril: "I'm not telling you!" (something like that)

Me: "Does Chad Kroeger know your bra size?"

I can't actually remember her response to this question.


SO::: If Avril Lavigne was hearing thoughts about these subjects last night, maybe she could verify, as well as try to remember what kind of video games I was playing. :) :)



    I'm telepath and need help

    1. I read the english part of your blog post.

      I myself have been considered schizophrenic, but I did end up proving the reality of telepathy and turning my parents into believers, convincing some psychiatric nurses that I had been misdiagnosed.

      I am not a complete expert, but I have a book called "Just Believe" by Lisa Tarves that teaches about "Etheric Cords". She says "An etheric cord is an energetic connection that forms between two people."

      She suggests saying a prayer to the Archangel Michael, saying "Archangel Michael, I ask you to sever any etheric cords that are attached to my body which are negative and harmful to my well-being and highest good."

      This is the best help that I can think of to offer: Lisa Tarves claims to be a masters degree in metaphysical science.

      I wish I could say more, but I am at a loss for words.