Monday, April 29, 2013

It seems racist...

OK - you might be shocked at what I'm about to tell you, but believe me, I have good and practical reasons for it.


I am trying to kick all of the east indians off of my facebook page.


This does seem really racist --- but you have to understand that I wasn't racist to start advertising to east indians in the first place.


SO: why am I doing this? You see, the east indians click the "like" button in DROVES --- they liked my page as if there was no tomorrow and whenever I post anything, they all seem to immediately "like" it.
HOWEVER:: their "like" of my words is just brown-nosing without any actual evidence to back it up ----- I'll get hundreds of them clicking "like" on a single post, yet very few to none of those individuals will actually download the free ebook I offered.


Not only do they just click "like" without thinking, and they don't actually read my book, they also don't bother to even visit my website much or at all.  They are the most populous nation on my facebook page - but they never visit this site, so it's very sad. It's like they are just insane "like" clickers who don't really, truly care, and that insults me.


ONE MORE PROBLEM::: Even though I tell facebook to display my post in only certain countries, excluding India, somehow I think all my posts get shown in India ANYWAYS --- just because of all the "likes" indians give me without actually caring about what I actually said.


It's very sad --- and I'm getting so sick of it that I'm just trying to seriously reduce the number of Indians on my facebook page.


It does seem SOOOO racist ----- but it's what I have to resort to after they don't really care and they just brown-nose. And posts that aren't supposed to go to india appear to be showing up ONLY in india anyways. Sucks eh?



Oh my goodness, or lack thereof. What have I done? Am I turning into a [facebook] madman of genocide? It's not really genocide, but it's comparable.
Perhaps I should stop myself from culling the flock now. I got rid of about 100 people from my facebook site --- and it may have been an OK or a good move, but it's also possible that the Indians are the only people actually buying my book.


I mean, they may be "liking" me in droves without having a full complement of downloads to match the "likes", but I actually have no idea what country my actual downloaders are from. I'm sure I have some americans, and some Indians, but if most of my downloaders are Indians then I have been very stupid.


At least I, thus far, have neglected to kick out all of the indians.  It's like I was just a madman who culled the fanclub just because of some kind of annoyance with Brown-Nosers and not-enough-downloads to back it up. Hmmmm.


Update #2::::


I just thought through a line of logic. Either the Indians who brown-nose (like so much it's unrealistic) me really did download my free ebook, or they didn't.  If they didn't download my free ebook, then they really are just brown-nosers who don't actually care, kind of like how God said to Joseph Smith "They draw near to me with their mouths but their hearts are far from me".
BUT --- What if those Indians WERE the principle downloaders of my book??? There is also an insult in there too::: I would expect that East Indians would be a poorer type people, so they can't really afford to buy a book --- and that's OK --- but the thing is IF they can afford to have KINDLES --- why couldn't they spend the $1.99 on an ebook?  If they really liked me so much, why didn't they just buy it?


I mean, seriously, they're either brown-nosers who like me so much they can't even be bothered to download, or they are brown nosers who like me so much that they can't afford to buy a $1.99 book even though they all own KINDLES.


It basically looks like most of my fanclub is actually just not that smart, regardless of race --- but the Indians were particularly bad just in the way they were brown-nosing me, as a feature of their "race's profile".


I mean, my whole fanclub sucks because most of them didn't care even if it was free --- the but Indians were horrible because they pretended to care but wouldn't bother to download anyway, or wouldn't bother to actually pay a small fee to buy a book they like so much that they wouldn't even buy it even though they all own kindles.


Wow. Huh. Yes - it's very sad, and says something bad about the human race.  Anyway, it's nice to have fans --- but if they don't care to actually read my book, then I'm not sure what they think they're doing.

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