Saturday, April 13, 2013

Friendly LDS HAM Radio Activity

If there's anything that keeps the inactive male part of my family connected to the LDS church socialization, it's HAM Radio, which was brought to us through the LDS church while at least one of us was still active.

Today me and two family members took off to a park in South Calgary where was held a friendly LDS Ham Radio activity. I don't personally do HAM, but my two family members do, and I just decided to tag along.

There were a couple people at the activity who had my book and read it, and I have to say --- I actually enjoyed the socialization (though I am introverted) and I didn't feel like anyone had any great stigma against me. It was just a friendly LDS Ham Radio activity.

I'm finding, that for the most part, there are more friendlies in the LDS church than enemies. The enemies seem pretty nasty and it's not nice, and though it's easier to think of the negative, I realize that I've probably had more positive socialization with LDS members than negative.

I still don't know that I'll go back to church - but I am feeling more comfortable with it.


In this activity, I talked to one of the LDS men who has my book about self published authors who get picked up by traditional publishers. I mentioned Joanna Books, the 'Mormon Girl' and he responded that she actually did some articles on FAIR LDS. He told me FAIR LDS sends out e-mails every day or something and sometimes Joanna Brooks appears in these e-mails. He also told me that I, me, have never appeared in anything from FAIR LDS.

It's understandable that FAIR LDS would not think of me as a big newsmaker - they may see me as a detractor from the LDS church, and some of the things I talk about don't really help what they're trying to do.


And though FAIR LDS doesn't put me in the spotlight and me and that organization don't have the greatest relationship, I'll just note that though FAIR LDS doesn't propagate me --- the LDS apostles themselves recently seem to keep referencing parts of my writings in their talks, in general conference and CES Devotionals. Now ---- it's not utterly blatant that they are saying anything to do with me --- but it's true, in very, very subtle ways they clearly seem to be referencing my writings - as I've noticed.


And I am thankful for all you people who visit my website every so often --- it helps me feel loved, or relevant or even that someone is listening. Unfortunately, most visitors to this website stay for 30 seconds or less, so it's clear not too much is being read. If you are able to quickly read my latest posts in less than 30 seconds, then I guess I'll have to live with that --- but for myself, reading things is not a fast process. If there's anything I was ever consistently slow with throughout school - it was reading.

I didn't read fast in all my schooling - but when I did read I read for comprehension, for understanding. I remember I had a friend in school who was very good at speed-reading through the subject matter, but unfortunately, as we were discussing the reading material it was very clear he had just skimmed the pages rather than reading for comprehension - he was mentioning things about the story that weren't correct - that were all mixed up and not really what the story said.


So though I am a slow reader, when I do read something I read to try to understand it --- and I just have a memory of a fast reader in my school class who "read" the book very quickly but didn't retain or have a complete or even competent understanding of the story.
Anyway - thanks for visiting my site, it makes me feel somehow better knowing that people don't totally ignore me.

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