Thursday, April 25, 2013

Endorsing the Competition

So - on the free book best-seller list it looks like I've had some competition. I haven't looked at all of it - but one book on the list looked so interesting that I downloaded it for myself.

It is called: "Hard Questions: Prophetic Answers" by Daniel K Judd.


I haven't read the whole book, but I decided to read through Chapter 2: "Is Depression a Sin or a Sickness?"


I am REALLY QUITE IMPRESSED with the response and teaching this author has put together on this topic. I mean - I would totally recommend that anyone else should read this book too --- it is really quite good, and I only read that one chapter.

There is another chapter called "Can Ye Be Angry, and Not Sin?" ---- an interesting question to ask, and something I'd like to see the prophetic answers about.


How would I personally answer that question? Without having read the book yet, in a nutshell, I would say certain kinds of anger ARE truly sinful, but I would also look back on my life and realize moments in my childhood where my parents were angry at me --- and realizing that's not necessarily sinful. I mean, I realize it's possible my parents were wrong to be angry at me, I don't really know, but I would actually accept that some anger can be considered legitimate. But some anger is also truly sinful.  I mean, GOD can be angry, but that doesn't make GOD a sinner. Parents can be angry at their children, but this could me more of a disciplinary anger -- as long as it's not abusive. Of course, that's just what I think from the way I was brought up, so I might be wrong.

It is true that certain or even most anger is a sin, but I'm going to guess that not all anger is sinful.



There was another book which I've read partway through called "Letter to a Doubter" from the Interpreter Journal of Mormon Scripture by Terry L GIvens. This book also seems good, and I don't remember everything it said, but one thing that stands out in my mind about it is that it actually verified one of the ideas or concerns I have plainly displayed on this website.




So - the church is imperfect, I'm imperfect, there is some completely crappy stuff about mormonism:::: But then there are some absolutely wonderful gems about mormonism.

And I think it's interesting and great that Elder Richard K Melchin and I would be so friendly with each other after all the crap that was flung, I am actually feeling a lot friendlier towards him and the church now. The only negative thing I realize at this moment is I have a bit of an idea that the church really is imperfect and I have a bit of a paranoia about being headed into a trap --- but other than a paranoia about traps that exists only in my mind (which probably isn't actual telepathy in this case, my telepathy power doesn't always work very well) I do feel like I'm in a state of reconciliation with Richard Melchin. He and I are both imperfect, and we seem to be friends or friendly again.




I mean, the church isn't true when there are false teachers running around brainwashing your children with BS - but the church is true in that there are prophets who let us know that these false teachers exist.

Perfection seems like such a goal that our imperfections can seem daunting - but we are all imperfect -- and if I were to continue this quote I'd suddenly be stealing something I learned from the "Hard Questions: Prophetic Answers" book Chapter 2. So, Just go have a look yourself --- it was really awesome to read!!

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