Friday, April 5, 2013

Asynchronous Counting

I think there's something wrong with the counting methods used on various websites.


Ever since, I put up The Book of Finch for free on, I used a bitly link to share the free download with my fans.


Facebook reports 23 link clicks.

Bitly reports 11 link clicks.

Smashwords reports ~53 page visits

And the Facebook 'like' button for the page reports 212 likes.


These numbers don't make any sense. There is absolutely something wrong with the counting systems used by these websites.


My dreams of being a famous author have come true if all 212 "likes" actually downloaded and read the book, but for some reason smashwords reports only FOUR ebook downloads, only THREE of them are new.


It's either a situation where I've got hundreds of eager 'like' clickers who don't actually care about what they explicitly declare they 'like', or we have some kind of problems with publishers who don't report A LOT of the possibly downloaded and bought material.


If my 1600 fans on facebook had actually purchased the Second Editoin softcover of my book, I'd be well on my way to paying off the huge credit card debt I accumulated to publish the books. But somehow - either they don't care to actually read what they say they like, or my sales aren't reported. It's kind of driving me nutty - I went into huge debt to pay for the publication of this book, and with the number of fans I have I SHOULD be able to earn all that money back, but somehow, that's not happening.


Maybe I just need my ITIN, but it's hard to know for certain. Is it possible that the self-publishing industry is actually just a big, dare I say, scam???

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