Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Anticipating Payment

Considering the number of unique visitors who come to my website in the past few months, I would expect that I probably sold quite a number of books.

For a long time I would be suspicious of the AuthorHouse self-publishing company because I didn't feel I was being paid what I was owed. It turns out that suspicion was probably just my own stupidity, what I really likely needed was US tax numbers.

SO: Now I have my US Tax numbers, and now I'm just waiting for the next sales report.


SO ---- I may have unfairly judged AuthorHouse, I may have been stupid. We'll find out. How likely is it that the hundreds of people who visit this website never actually read my book?


With over a thousand facebook fans and hundreds of monthly unique visitors, I would hope that my sales report would bear substantial fruit. I mean, with the way I see my free ebook selling, I would hope people aren't complete niggards and that some of you actually decided to pay.


If you did decide to pay -- then good for you. If you did decide to pay -- why would I give my book for free? Because I was seeing little evidence of anyone being seriously interested.


The fun part is that some nice reader on Barnes & Noble decided to actually buy the sequel ebook too. That makes me happy, that someone would actually pay me.


Letters to Whomever raises some valid concerns about mormonism IMO, but it is largely a book of my whining and complaining. I'm only saying this because in the previous sentence, I was referencing LTW. :)


And, I have to be thankful for the sales i had which were reported to me --- it's very nice to know that some people really did take the time to buy my book right after release. :)


Anyway --- thank you everyone for taking interest, the problems I wrote about seem very distant from my life's reality now, though I still think about some things sometimes. I forgot a lot though --- after writing the books and editing, the memories started to disappear. Life is good.

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