Saturday, March 9, 2013

Sorta-OK-Or-Impressive-Telepathy-Results - but not quite

OK, so, rather than depressing you with my expression of sadness from a recent post, I thought I'd update you on today's TELEPATHY TEST RESULTS.


I did THREE tests with my father --- all of them were AlphaNumeric Pick 3 Tests.


Test 1: I said J (D or G) 4.

He said TSE

Result::: a horrible test, the closest I got to being anywhere near right are that my J is just like his T except for the hook at the bottom.


Test 2: I said A Q (S or 2)

He said: B 2 5

Result::: sometimes I see more than one letter in alphabetic sequence (for some odd reason) when I do telepathy, so my A could have been a B, but I went with A instead, so that was almost right. I saw an "S" shape, but also thought that it might have been a "2". Turns out the S is like the 5 and the 2 was also right.


Test 3: I said (T or U) 5 (A or 4)

He said: J 4 P

Result::: I think this result is interesting, because my T and U are like his J, it is his J except that I split the shape of the J into a T and a U. Also: I also saw his 4, and I knew what shape he was using for the 4, I thought it could have been an A but I also wrote down 4, the same shape of the 4 he had written. You know, there are two ways to draw the number 4, and though I usually use the way that is not connected at the top, I specifically decided to use the triangular-connected version this time because that is what I thought my dad was using and I turned out to be right.


SO --- today's telepathy results weren't perfect, but I think I did pretty darned good, considering how much I did get. Yay.

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