Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Signs of the Times

Sometimes, I just like to lay in bed and watch some random guy talk about the same thing over and over again on youtube. Sometimes I like watching the same scene from "The Hunt For Red October" over and over again. In reality, I'm just watching and listening, and just finding comfort in the sounds of these mens' voices. It's weird. Yes - in my book I say that I am musically a homosexual, and yes, basically, I'm not finding sexual pleasure from it but I just enjoy listening to boy-music and listening to grown men talk about things in videos.

But recently I've started listening to more Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus. More Natasha Bedingfield. I'm becoming hetero again.

Anyway - youtube has been recommending very interesting videos for me, and there's this one woman they've recommended two videos to me for so far and I am enamoured.

It is very unfortunate that I have such sex problems in my life. But I think what I have to say about this woman's channel or her videos might be in the realm of "sexual harassment". I mean, I have no idea what she looks like, but just from the sound of her voice and the intellectual nature of what she talks about, I am actually having some kind of psycho-intellectual orgasm as I listen to her. It has nothing to do with my sex organs - it's just that her voice is so nice and what she's talking about is so interesting that I have to say that I'm sexually attracted. And I have no idea what she looks like.


She basically has all these timelines and information about current events and last days prophecy. She seems very intelligent -- she makes Fingerling look like an amateur. I feel stupid in comparison with this woman. She's a bigger celebrity than I am - and she deserves it.


Anyway, yeah, it's just this super-attractive female voice talking about super-intelligent things regarding current events and bible prophecy. She has my mind intellectually-orgasming, but I already realize she's way out of my league - I am small in comparison to what she has.


I am excited about this period of time on earth - everything seems set for Jesus to come back some day.


So --- I'd have to say that this woman's youtube videos are way better than porn.  I'm a bad boy for having any sex problems, I know, but I am so bored by porn and sex that when I watch this woman's videos I am happy, I am intellectually stimulated and it's an attractive voice to listen to. Basically, her channel may replace the videos I repeatedly watch of guys talking about less intelligent things. Hah.
I apologize if this seems like sexual harassment. It really does "turn me on" however. But she's way out of my league with how much more she knows about than me. She probably has a university education. I'm just sitting here with my mental illness pills. :)

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