Sunday, March 31, 2013

It's So Hard to be Perfect

Happy Easter everyone.

When I was young, starting life, being baptized and being taught, I figured it would be a good idea to try to live perfectly. To do one's best. This IS a good idea, but I have learned that it is incredibly hard to maintain perfection, or to even know what the perfect thing to do is.

1) Several weeks ago I mentioned Dave Perez on my website. From what I understood of what he was saying, he didn't like me criticizing my leaders and I got very angry in return at him. Though it is true that the anger was building up in my heart leading up to that time, if I had been perfect, perhaps I would not have reacted so angrily. Some would say that I should have let go of my anger long before that moment, and basically I'm just a little sad that Dave Perez and I couldn't be too friendly with each other anymore. In a sense, we were both wrong. Nothing changes how he was wrong, I won't say he was right, I still think he was wrong, but perhaps I should have reacted differently. I reacted with anger, and I had a lot of anger built up inside of me so its understandable, but perhaps I should have figured out a less aggressive way to treat the situation.

2) I had another very good example that I was going to share, but typing #1 I seem to have forgotten what #2 was, and as such, this is also a good example of how hard it is to be perfect. Maybe it was just something about how hard it was to get my book in order. I dunno.

3) Ah, telepathy. It is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT to be perfect in telepathy!!! I have had a few perfect experiments, and I've had a bunch of really good experiments, but regardless of the reality of telepathy, being absolutely perfect is very hard to achieve, or even impossible.


About my telepathy: recently I had a few 2/3's in number-only pick 3, I had a 2/3 in alphanumeric pick 3, but I mostly had 1/3's and 0/3's in my experiments. I am sucking quite horribly at the ability.

It's possible that my test subjects are thinking dishonestly, and maybe that's all it is - but they commonly don't admit that this is the case, so it is very possible that I am no bloody good anymore.


Here's the news of the most recent greatest test: I wrote down: R (3 or 4) M.   My father's answer was: R A M.  2/3 alphanumeric Pick 3 - that's awesome----


BUT MOST OF THE TIME I DON'T DO NEARLY AS WELL. I am actually really quite bad at it. :(

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