Friday, March 22, 2013


Well, I've had some really good telepathy tests in my lifetime, I would say there is a reality to telepathy, but that doesn't mean it works in everyone, and it also means it doesn't always work. Even Kreskin isn't perfect.

As for myself, recently I've had a lot of 1/3's, even a lot of 1/3's on Alphanumeric Pick 3, and some 0/3's, but really - I am so unimpressive that I really couldn't amaze in a television performance.  I've had a number of really-really good experiences with telepathy, but in all actuality - I'm not very good at it.


As for my book, Letters to Whomever, as a discussion about the mormon church - well, it's more of a sequel to the book of finch than a real extensive discussion of the LDS church. If you want a book that clearly discusses everything about mormonism - my book isn't a total codex or tome. My book is just my sequel of my life's adventure, depicting what I was trying to figure out about the church and what path I would take.

If you want a total discussion of LDS mormonism, you can look on Youtube or read any number of other books -- the only thing that my book discusses in-depth that other medias don't even touch is the scourging of the Jews, and you get a lot of what I say already for free on my website.


So, basically, I didn't make it big in the world of publishing or discussing this topic, most people are disinterested and the mormons may take offence at what I've said, even if I'm truthful and even if I don't totally decry mormonism - and really I'm not sure I am really very relevant anymore.


Basically, if you want someone who is doing a relevant discussion of our current day and age, I have to say that I am really very impressed with the "9Nania" youtube channel. She seems to be a good or credible source of information to me - not perfect, but she is really, really good, in my opinion.


If the LDS church is true - then some day I will travel and preach and become relevant - but all signs show that I will only be doing this after Jesus already returns, or after the resurrection.


My relevance in today's day and age is "relevant" but "nobody cares" and therefore I seem very "irrelevant".


Yup. Basically the non-mormon world politely accepts my book even if they don't believe, and the mormon-faithful world might accept my book but may also get really offended even if I'm not completely decrying the church.


What is my position on the church? Again - there is a lot to say against mormonism, and I would probably be against it if it weren't for certain miraculous experiences and wondrous events that cause me to think they have some kind of credibility.

The LDS church is so screwed up - but I have a testimony that there's something real about them, that they are not just completely crazy, even if they are sometimes completely wrong. Something like that. I've described my position on the LDS church as an "ambivalence", but I am trying to get rid of my negative feelings like hatred or anger, so even though I don't feel negative about the mormons anymore (and therefore am not necessarily truly ambivalent), I still have some mental inability to want to really be a part of that group. I think the mormons are screwed up, I think the mormons are real, and I am trying to get rid of my negative emotions.


But basically - I might not be completely relevant these days. My book is a good story, but no one really cares, and if you want someone who really seems to have a handle on current events and all that, I would recommend that girl on youtube.

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