Thursday, March 28, 2013

I am so sorry.

I feel pangs of regret for releasing books to public consumption that weren't in their final perfected states.

If you are one of the four or five lucky people who bought the first edition of "Letters to Whomever" when it was first released, I have to apologize because just months later I released a second edition with more information. And then months after that I finished it off with a bit more. And the only way to read the whole finished book is to buy the ebook.

I apologize for shipping an unfinished product into production and convincing you to buy said unfinished product. If it makes you feel any better - I wasted a lot more of my own money to publish the unfinished version of this product. Sorry.


Letters to Whomever was the biggest disaster when it came to publishing an unfinished product, but The Book of Finch's first edition was awful (even if my grandmother liked it) and the 70 or so people who snagged The Eagle's Sore first edition would be disappointed by some areas of poor writing.


Because I suck so bad at writing and publishing, I've been re-developing my interest in computer programming. So, I've started a course on iTunes U to learn how to program for iPad and iPhone. I basically do this whole activity at my own leisure, but from what I've learned and done so far: I can get my objective-C code to compile, it starts to run, but then something from Apple gives me a SIGABRT at a certain point and I'm shut down.


Will I ever be smart enough to do anything right ever again????

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