Saturday, March 23, 2013


I have over 1600 fans on facebook.

My website has hundreds of visitors each month.

Over 90% of these visitors visit my website using a bookmark or direct address.

These visitors come from over 30 countries, so we can know that I am not my own biggest visitor.


I have generated such interest from people - yet for some reason reported book sales are ABYSMAL. More often than not, Authorhouse will not report any sales. Smashwords slipped up and said I had a few paid downloads, but no sales reported - and Lulu gives me sales rank but no sales reported either.


What I mean is ---- I have obviously piqued the interest of quite a few people, but it seems obvious that the publishing services I've used are unable or unwilling to actually report the sales I should have had based on how much interest my website reports.


So basically ---- How is it that the self-publishing services of this day and age are so disabled when it comes to reporting sales and paying royalties? Why do I have so many hundreds of people who seem eagerly interested in my writing, with very little cash flow to show for it?


I'll just let you know: I've spent A LOT of money to get my story out into the world, and somehow my sales just don't get reported. I'm on disability welfare, the money I spent gave me a sizeable debt - and it is very difficult to pay back this debt when my sales aren't being reported properly. Very sad for me.

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