Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Freaky Mysterious Occurrence - A Voice is Heard

Something really freaky just happened this evening.

As I was going to bed, thinking about how we may be facing the last Pope before Jesus returns, I had this idea to go watch that movie called "THE LAKE HOUSE".

I downloaded the movie on iTunes, and was watching it on my computer, and was thoroughly enjoying it.

Weird thing number 1: just before the two main characters were going to kiss, my mac switched to a different screen, all by itself, and I had to switch it back. It was as if my computer were being hacked or I was being haunted.

I think it may have been a haunting actually, because as I got to the end of the movie all the power on my block went out. I know this because the computer turned off - there were no lights, and when I looked out my window, there were no streetlights in the night.

Now - here's the odd thing -- just as the power turned off, I HEARD A VOICE. I would almost think the voice was coming from my clock-radio, but I can't be certain.

The voice didn't say anything that I could completely understand, and I would not want to re-utter it just in case it was the name of a demonic force spoken.

But, of course, it may have also been referring to or naming the name "YESHUA", which is Jesus.

I"ll tell you what I heard the voice say: it said something like "WELLYOUSH--", it was as if it said "Well, you should" or something like that except all I got was "WELL YOU SH-".

It was a loud voice. I heard it loud and clear, and unfortunately, I have no idea what it was supposed to mean.

Anyway, I sat there in the darkness, so I decided to grab a handy-dandy emergency flashlight my father had given me for christmas that I keep by my bedside. As soon as I flipped on my flashlight, my computer screen switched back on and the lights were in the streets again.

Wow. I mean - wow - very strange.


But yeah, I'd just like to repeat that according to the prophecy of St. Malachy, St. Francis is the last pope. According to another video Youtube Recommended to me, according to the video's interpretation of Revelations 17, this is the last pope and Jesus is coming in just a matter of years.

And then there's a book about prophecy by Cleon Skousen that my mom just lent me, and Gog is the ruler before Jesus comes - just like Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the new pope.


Interesting stuff - and now I'm freaked out by the strange computer hacking and power disturbances. And I heard a voice. Yikes.

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