Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Blessed Are the Peacemakers

Over the past few weeks or months, it has occurred to me that war is a terrible thing, and that violence is very unpleasant.

I recently watched the latest Epic Rap Battle of History on YOUTUBE between Martin Luther King Jr. and Ghandi.

I was contemplating Jesus' words "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God".


Basically, I believe that peace is a good thing. I realize it would be good to renounce violence.

Violence, in the form of domestic/sibling squabbles and video games have been a notable part of my life. During the war on terror, I was very supportive (in my own way) of invading enemy countries and destroying the enemy. It is even possible that I may have a violent psychological nature, possibly caused by having stupid classmates at school who constantly accused me of murder and said they were hypnotizing me to kill.


But now I am wondering which video games I should turn off, and am essentially thinking about how to keep a peaceful attitude. I realize that due to my classmates hypnotizing me to kill that I really may need psychiatric medications just to counter the hypnotic influence (I discussed this with my doctor the last time we met).


I mean, I'm going to continue eating meat and I can't promise that I'm going to cut all forms of violence from video games or movies - but I am wondering how I may also be considered to be a peacemaker. How can I be non-violent? I realize I may have to be more selective in my gaming (although, I don't game a whole lot anymore), and I realize I need to stop fighting. Hmmm.


Basically, I am looking at going down a path of peaceful-attitudes, and I think I like this path. I know there is a lot of violence in gaming, although, gaming is peaceful, but a lot of games depict violence... hmmm.


If I were to renounce violence, I'd have to make a conscious effort to not be the same sort of person ever again. Would I be able to do it?


LDS doctrine or teachers teach that sometimes WAR is a necessity. Of course, I feel, just to avoid fighting or confrontation, that I cannot even attend church anymore.


Basically, I'll say that I have been thinking about PEACE - and I admire a peaceful attitude, and I even have some wish to be so peaceful myself. Videogames are essentially a peaceful activity that just depict violent acts, but I don't game too much anyways but I am thinking that I may have to put limitations on the types of games I play. I believe in eating meat, and I don't discourage hunting, but I myself have to take a disarmed approach to life, just in case my classmates' hypnosis really would drive me to do something insanely wrong.


So I don't promise to be perfectly 100% peaceful, but I can say that I admire the peacemakers, and may the peacemakers help influence me to be more peaceful.

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