Thursday, March 14, 2013

Another Scary Thing.

OK - I was just looking at my website stats - and I noticed that someone in Germany is trying to hack my website - they were trying to hack my website on March 13th, the same day the new Pope was elected.

Yes - I think it's kind of scary that someone has tried to break in to my website. That's not good manners! You shouldn't do that!!

Maybe it has something to do with my take on Pope Francis possibly being the last Pope before Jesus Christ returns.


Maybe I'm being overly eager to see the end of Popes and the return of Jesus - but that's just it - I really am super eager and excited to bring Jesus Christ back to earth to rule and reign over the world.

If St. Malachy was wrong in his prophecy, that's not my fault - but can you really blame me for looking at the list of Popes and wondering if this could be the end? I would LIKE it to be the end. I WANT the end to come.

Considering we just recently ended the Mayan Calendar, and how this is the last pope in St. Malachy's prophecy, you have to understand that I would be hopeful. Let's not forget that there's this youtube video that gives an interpretation of Revelations 17 that really does indicate an interpretation that this could be the end.


So, if this pope is the last, then that's great. Do I feel stupid if he's not the last? I'd say St. Malachy should feel stupid about that - but I personally would just have felt deceived and let down.


As for hackers: Please don't hack my website - that's rude! Hah, I think it's very interesting that the day of the Papal election would bring very interested european passcode crackers to my website. Very weird.

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