Wednesday, March 6, 2013

An Interesting Gaming Coincidence

Yesterday, after I wrote my blog post about peacemakers and non-violence, I was thinking about what kinds of videogames I should play. It came to my mind that I could play Sim City.

I wasn't following the development of the new Sim City game, in fact, I didn't really care. But when I decided to visit yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to find that a brand new version of the game had been released.

I thought about buying the game, I almost bought it, but then I decided I might need my money for something else. Well, today came, and I found that I wouldn't be needing my money for that other purpose, so I decided I should just jump in to Sim City - to buy a copy.

So, I've been playing around, getting the game installed and updated, and still haven't played yet because the servers don't seem to be working very well.


Anyway, I decided to click on link in the game and look at a developer video -- and what do I find? Sim City was actually released YESTERDAY - the same day I spontaneously decided to go have a look at the website.


How weird is that?? I had absolutely no interest in this title for the longest time, but the day I suddenly take an interest is the same day that the game is officially released and available for purchase. What a coincidence eh?


Yeah, I kind of want to play, I'm just waiting for the servers to work or for all the bugs to be ironed out or whatnot.


But this is just interesting. The day I spontaneously decide that I want to play this game is the very same day the game is released to the public. Wow.


My telepathy doesn't always work very well, but this is an interesting kind of experience. Hah.

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