Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Am I seriously that retarded?

Just posting a little comment about proofreading problems.

I recently wrote a letter. I proofread the letter, like, twice. Then I printed it out and gave it to my father to read. After he read it, I read the page I printed out, and found a number of problems with the text.

It's unbelievable. I think I get it right after a few proofreading sessions, but then some typos just magically appear in the text.


I would pretty much have to think, at this point, that someone is hacking my computer. Or that someone is being malicious somehow. I actually KNOW from the book publishing process that little errors will magically manifest themselves in a text, and though you think you've already corrected all the errors, somehow some new error magically pops up.


It's so annoying. I was just re-reading my text of "Aftermath", when I found a little typo. You know something? It was a typo - a completely misspelled word, it's a misspelled word that not even Amazon's spellchecker could find.


I mean, it's like no matter how much I proofread or how many spellcheckers I use, there will always be some kind of problem appearing in the text - and I KNOW for CERTAIN that these errors or some of these errors aren't even my fault --- it's like the software of the computer has a bug or someone is deliberately and maliciously hacking my text.


It's so bloody annoying.



I was having a quick look at The Book of Finch 3.2 Edition Softcover when I found a bit of a formatting error in part of the book. That, combined with a few other small changes, and there should hopefully be a new edition this year at some point. I'm not doing that yet though - I'm going to find all the corrections that need to be made in coming months, fix them, and then eventually release the new edition. I'm hoping I'll get an important document back from Avril Lavigne as well before I publish a new edition. The new edition's name will either be "3.3 Edition", if Avril doesn't return the letter, "Fourth Edition", if Avril does return the letter, or I may give up the numerical counting sequence altogether and call it "2013 edition". We'll see.

But, the point remains::: it's so annoying how these little problems will appear in any part of the book, and it's probably all Microsoft Word's fault. OK, maybe there is some user error involved - but though Word is a very powerful word processor, sometimes things are just a little wrong with it. And I keep having to fix things. So annoying.

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