Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A New Pope is Chosen!!!

Well, the conclave of Cardinals in The Vatican has chosen a new pope: Pope Francis I from Argentina. His first name is Jorge, I can't remember quite what is last name is.

Anyway, I decided I would have a look at the old Nostradamus prophecy I heard of that is supposed to list the popes. It turned out that the list is actually by St. Malachy, but some people think it was Nostradamus who did it. All the references I could find on the internet identify John Paul II but the list did not mention Pope Benedict or this one, leaving only "???" in the place their names would be. The interesting thing to note, however, is that according to this list of Popes, the current Pope is supposed to be THE LAST POPE BEFORE JESUS CHRIST RETURNS TO EARTH.

Another thing to note about today: today is 3/13/2013. 3+1+3 2+0+1+3 = 7 6. This would seem interesting if you actually bothered to read my book.

Consider how this new pope came after the March 3rd talk in an LDS CES Devotional about the death of Elder Maxwell, and yeah. Weird.

Another weird thing: I decided I would get rid of the typos in my book "The Eagle's Sore" by proof-reading and getting a new manuscript finished. The latest manuscript is dated March 2nd 2013, the original Lulu version was finished on March 3rd, but when I received the book in the mail I noticed some formatting problems so I redid it today (before I heard about the pope) in a new format, and the book turns out to be 79 pages total, or 77 pages if you don't count the title page or the copyright page.

Weird weird weird. Seems interesting.


So - new pope - last pope before Jesus comes according to St. Malachy - some interesting numerology that could relate to my book - my other book is republished in a new format on same day with interesting numerology in the page length (which just happened to be a "coincidence"). Wow.

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