Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Message From China

I know that one of the countries that commonly and often visits my website is China.

Today a Chinese person sent me a message that I interpret, through what I understand of Chinese interpretation, to mean that GAMBLING IS ILLEGAL IN CHINA.

I know I recently posted something about gaming and money and even seemingly trying to justify the behaviour:::


But I think I will reiterate what I've just learned for my chinese readers -- MAKE NO ATTEMPT TO GAMBLE!! DO NOT PLAY THESE GAMES!! IT IS ILLEGAL!!


I am from Canada, and I talk about playing the lottery here (I don't use casinos) because in Canada the lottery is legal and is even used to fund government expenses, so that's my little excuse for how I was talking about gambling.


But I would like to make the chinese visitors aware that GAMBLING IS ILLEGAL!! It is an immoral way to screw over your life financially, and some 'lucky' guy gets rich with little to no effort expended.


And let us not forget the possibilities of CHEATERS in these games. It's not good for your wallet/pocketbook!!


So China: remember, the government might come hunt you down if you start illegal gambling practises.


Just a friendly reminder from myself, who was informed by a Chinese person.

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