Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Latest (for now)

I still do not hate Elder Richard Melchin. The anger is gone. I may not be likely to return to church anytime soon anyways, and yes I still have questions about how truthful or reasonable the church really is, but at least we can know that I don't feel the evil feelings.


As for telepathy - today was a pretty good day. I did three tests today, and this is how well I did:

With my Dad, I did a number-only Pick 3, and scored 3/3 box. That was really quite good.

With my Mom, I did a number-only Pick 3, and scored 2/3 box. That was pretty good.

With my Dad I did an alphanumeric Pick 3, and scored 1/3. Not the best, but statistically about as good as a 2/3 in number-only. (one is 1:12, the other is 1:18).


So, my telepathy was pretty good today - I feel like I'm getting better and better at the skill. Tomorrow I will see a psychiatric doctor (regular appointment) and this doctor isn't my regular doctor, so it will be interesting to tell the doctor about my ability to reasonably demonstrate and prove the ability.

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