Sunday, February 10, 2013

Room 237


I was just looking at the movie trailers on Found this: Room 237.

Technically, it has nothing to do with me, and probably doesn't have anything to do with me - but I thought it was interesting that it was a movie about a movie, kind of like how my book is "about" a movie (and the movie is about a book), both movies involving the number 23 in the title. (Actually my book is about my life - and the number 23 seems to be about my life too, but the book is comparable to the movie)

Yeah - so Room 237, Number 23, Room 23 in the movie.

The movie Room 237 is about is "The Shining" by Stanley Kubrick. I don't think I've seen this movie, but Finch does sing that Daylight Shines on me.

As well: hidden secret messages, and more references to The DaVinci Code. Yay.

I was a little bit interested in this, even if it technically has nothing to do with me - there are just comparisons that I can draw - just from the little bit of information I've already seen.

Just my over-active schizophrenic mind making connections I guess. There actually aren't many connections to make here - but the ones I did make were big enough that I just thought I might as well mention it on my blog.

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