Monday, February 11, 2013

On Gaming and Gambling

I was just thinking about how weird Church morals on gaming or gambling are.

1) Buy a board or video game, and earn nothing for it - OK

2) Enter a draw to win a car - OK

3) Buy a scratch n' win ticket to win a prize - NOT OK


So, in other words,

1) To pay for nothing in return - OK

2) To do nothing for a big prize - OK

3) To pay for a chance to get a prize - NOT OK


Isn't it weird how you could buy every single board and video game at Toys R Us and that would be morally OK, whereas if you bought every scratch n win ticket at a 7 Eleven that would be morally unacceptable??


You can put money into a game that you'll receive no benefit from - but if there's a chance you'll get monetary reward, you can't spend money on it.


I'm sure there's a certain wisdom at work here, but it almost seems like a flawed logic or flawed wisdom.


If I bought every scratch 'n win ticket at a 7 Eleven, there's a chance that I'd make part or all of my money back.

But if I bought every board and video game at Toys R Us, I would not make my money back - but this is considered far more acceptable than buying scratch n win tickets.


Another thing: Lets say you bought one scratch n win ticket. That would run you at least $1 in fee. And you have a chance of winning a prize.

Lets say you bought one board game. That would cost at least $15-$20, and there's no chance of winning anything in return.


Isn't that weird?


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