Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Current LDS Position

So: what do I think about the LDS church right now? I think it's true that the LDS church has some really idiotic and stupid qualities, but, there is also something really good about it. There's like this magical energy about mormonism.

I would warn anyone who wants to dabble in mormonism that some of the stuff of the LDS church is complete and utter idiocy - but there are also genuinely good and wonderful things about it.


I would wonder how to get past some of the bigger problems I may experience or may have experienced in the church. My book tries to be educational and informative - but because it is very apparent from the story that we are all sinners, some mormons might not approve of it - some mormons prefer depictions of perfect happy people who never really do anything wrong. It's true that my book is not like that - I just try to tell the truth.


I said in an old e-mail that my book is like a lesson in humility. With how Dave Perez said our leaders cannot be criticized - yes - the church needs more humility. I thank Dave that I was able to let loose some steam on him and I felt better after, it's like he was better than any psychiatric doctor when it came to helping my feelings - but it is true that we shouldn't consider ourselves or our leaders to be absolutely perfect and wonderful individuals.


There are only two perfect people I know of: Jesus Christ, and my youngest sister. The reason I say my youngest sister is perfect is because she has been such a great person and has never really offended me and everyone really seems to like her. OK - yes - as a kid, before she was baptized, she once stole some gum from a store, but when her siblings found out about the pilfered chew, we told her mother and my mother taught her how to repent and never do that again. That is the only "bad" thing I remember about my youngest sister. In fact, my youngest sister is such a great person that I get the impression that she doesn't like being around the rest of us imperfect naughty people in her immediate family - and I understand that.


But anyway, none of us are really perfect --- and I totally understand if people don't read my book because they don't like reading, or they have better things to do. But to reject reading my book because you have to criticize me without knowing more about the story - then that looks bad on you.


Is it true that I am critical of the leaders? It is true that the leadership seemed so wrong that I could no longer really accept the church at face value - there were some right or truish things about the leaders, but it generally just seemed so wrong to me, that I did feel a great deal of anger over it.


And as for my anger, there's this wonderful feeling in the world where I can know or think someone was wrong - but still not feel angry anyways - and that's called forgiveness.


So - maybe very few people actually care about my book - but don't tell me you're not going to read it because you are critical of me. You may only criticize me AFTER you've read the whole story and found out everything there is to know.

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