Saturday, February 2, 2013

Life was once good.

Life was once good. I was a good kid, I did well in school.

Life was so good for us, that when my non-member grandmother died in late december 1998, my mother asked my father to use his priesthood to invite her spirit into our home so her ghost could "feel of the spirit of our home".

First, I was confused at how a ghost could feel our spirit, and I was also concerned that my unbaptized grandmother might bring unwanted spirituality to our home so I told my dad not to do it. Mom insisted. He listened to mom.

Anyway, hours to a day later I was in the bathroom doing my duty, when I sensed the spirit of my grandmother TELLING me that "it's time to masturbate!!!" I tried thinking up a response trying to say "no grandma, I don't masturbate, go away". But, somehow I felt hypnotized, and my sexual senses were being stimulated. I didn't even think I was giving in to her will, but I was tricked and fell pray to the temptation. Life has been a downhill freefall ever since.

That is how I remember the story of how I lost my chastity - there's more to the story of that, but basically the point is that as I remember it, I REALLY DO blame my grandmother for destroying my sex life.

It was a total disaster for me.

Perhaps I could say more, but I won't, I think I've said enough.

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