Sunday, February 3, 2013

Importance of The Book

Why do I have about 1600 fans on facebook? I'm pretty sure most of them have never actually read my book. Unless, of course, my "sales" aren't being reported to me.

I've had sales. I've given away copies. Some people, typically mormons, outright reject my book because of their predetermined prejudices. Some mormons, even maybe most mormons I've met, do seem to accept my book, though.

Of course --- my efforts are not powerful enough. I don't have the cash reserves or the social life to give a free book to everyone, and it's even likely that a lot of people are either disinterested or outright reject me (rejecting me without even knowing the story!!).

How many copies of The Book of Finch have been distributed? I'd say the number is still less than 100.

Of course, about 60 copies of The Eagle's Sore were downloaded when it was available for free - and that's amazing, but it's just sad that most of those downloaders received an imperfect first edition -- and nobody wants to actually pay for it.

My book is very important to me, or at least, it was important, but I've faced two big problems:

1) I'm a bad writer. I keep having to fix up my book and put out a new edition.

2) No one really wants to just buy this book, and even if I give it for free, slim chances that they'll actually read it.


It is something I want to get out there, to be known - my book and my story.


It's interesting how you'll get millions of people PAYING to watch completely fictitious baloney on the big screen, but even if a very smart non-fiction book is released for free they'll ignore it. I mean, the fiction gets way more attention than any actual truth, and this is kind of sad. Everyone likes watching moving pictures with sound rather than reading a first-hand account!!! AAAAGGGH!


In other news, I recently saw Avril's new JUNO Award commercial with Chad Kroeger and Michael Bublé and I thought it was hilarious. Kind of sad for me, realizing that Avril has another man, but the commercial was still funny - for me at least. Hah.

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