Wednesday, February 20, 2013


OK, did you see yesterday's news? I only became aware about this as my brother told me about it.

Kansas City gas explosion, fire injures 14


I, did, actually, kind of sort of predict this event.  Here's my story:::


Earlier this year, I wrote down a note based on my telepathy which I showed to my father. The note said:
"There will be an explosion in France? Jan 2nd 2013 2:46PM"

The prediction was made ON January 2nd, it wasn't made about January 2nd.
I just kept the note hidden underneath my mousepad, keeping it in the back of my mind in case there were any explosions in France.


Well, it could be said that I was wrong, or that I didn't really predict this explosion, but I'll just say that "frANCe" and "kANSas" or even "frANCAIS" and "kANSAS" are similar enough words that we were just seeing my telepathy being innaccurate again.


I never claimed to be a perfectly perfect and accurate and true mentalist --- I make a lot of mistakes, and historically my telepathy has been about this accurate. I'll just reference a couple stories in my book, like the time I telepathically heard "THAILAND" but it was actually "TAIWAN", or even the time I thought President Hinckley was shot to death on Christmas Day 2006 but it actually turned out that it was my next door neighbour that got shot to death on Christmas Day 2006.


My telepathy has rarely been perfectly accurate or have any form of absolute perfection, so considering that I predicted an explosion in a place that had an "ANS" sound in the name, the explosion in KANSAS could be the fulfillment of this prediction.


So, I'm happy with myself, though I realize my prediction wasn't perfect and some might say that I wasn't predicting the same event. But please: DON'T DEBATE THE PREDICTION ITSELF - MY FATHER IS A WITNESS FROM WHEN I MADE IT!

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