Sunday, February 17, 2013

Baby Blessing

I've come home from a journey down south, where I attended my sister's ward for the baby blessing of her new daughter.

During the first part of the meeting and during the blessing, I knew I didn't feel anything - I was empty. But as soon as the bread started to be blessed for the sacrament, I felt my heart fill up with the warm or peaceful good feeling of the Holy Ghost, or what would be identified as the Holy Ghost.

As the water, or the blood, was being blessed, I had to hold myself back from a sudden small urge to cry. I just began to tear up, but I managed to stop myself from crying.

The good feelings lasted for the rest of the meeting and into much of the day, that was a good LDS experience.


I'm glad I could have a good experience at an LDS church once more, I fear that somehow my experiences in my own ward or stake could end up being less than I would want - but I can always hope for  a good outcome.


Last night, the night before the baby blessing, I finished reading that "Just Believe" book by Lisa Tarves.


Though it is not perfectly inline with what I understand of LDS mormonism - I do believe that it is a good book, with good things, although I wouldn't say that it's necessarily or absolutely perfect. It's just a good book. I think I might want to share it with my psychiatrist, with the talk of energy healing or holistic health practises - it seems very interesting.

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