Monday, February 25, 2013

Almost Famous

Well, the visits I receive at this website having interesting enough statistics to know that either: a) my comments pages are breeding grounds for new SPAM or b) some people may be genuinely interested in my blog and there is still a lot of spamming anyways.


I have to figure out how to mix my humility with positive thinking. If I show myself to be too humble, then I'm just attracting negativity into my life. If I'm not humble enough, then I look like a self-righteous, unrealistic over-achiever.


So, there's not a lot to say except I feel like I'm on vacation right now, I'm just enjoying a good and happy life at this point. I'm doing some paperwork and I am a little worried about the church, but all-in-all I'm having a good time.


Whatever purpose I have to fill in life, I hope I will be able to competently do that and achieve the desirable end. I could talk about feelings of inadequacy for any possible purpose I may have, but I would like to think more positive than that.


As for my recent telepathy - I do well enough to beat statistical expectations, but not well enough to be real impressive. That means I get a lot of 1/3's, some 2/3's and some 0/3's, but a lot of 1/3's. I get enough 1/3's that you could say I'm beating statistics from those alone, I get enough 2/3's to keep myself entertained, and my 0/3's are so few that they do not darken my day. much. But, consistent 1/3's - though they beat statistics, they don't seem impressive. I'll just remind you that for about a week or two within the past 3 weeks I wasn't doing any good at all - it's as if the ability that disappeared, and is only just re-emerging in the past few days.


So I hope I can do good in life, I hope I can fulfill my purposes in a desirable way, and I'll just acknowledge my visitors by saying that I see the stats and I know you come, and please, I'm not interested in your spam, even if you are brown-nosing me.

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