Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sorta OK but generally not good TELEPATHY RESULTS

OK, so, I haven't been doing a lot of telepathy for a while, the tests I did do a while ago weren't the greatest, but I decided to do three more alphanumeric pick 3's with my father today.


Test 1: I said "(A or R) (C or B) Q".

His answer: 4 X R

This is an interesting test because I got the R right, and I also said A, and A is kind of like 4 in appearance, so this was a sort of OK test.


Test 2: I said "N (F or G) 2"

His answer: B C 0

I had absolutely nothing right --- completely wrong, horrible. The only excuse I have is that G and C are kind of similar.


Test 3: I said "L P N"

His answer: 7 8 Z

Even though I got every single character wrong, L is like an upside down 7, N is a sideways Z, and 8 and P also share some similarity (like how 4 and A are similar). I thought I did pretty OK in this experiment, even if I was "technically" completely wrong. I was sort of kind of on the right track.


So::: my telepathy skill is definitely imperfect, not that great, but might be shown to be existent. Cool eh?

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