Friday, January 4, 2013

Life is Good

I would like to seriously thank the good people who have helped me in so many ways through my life - you've been awesome, and I really appreciate it very much.

I'm feeling better about the LDS church these days, though I'm not fully certain that I'll reactivate, I am in a more content mood emotionally and psychologically about the church.

One indication that I am improving emotionally is how I feel. For the longest time I would suffer from a social anxiety, like whenever I receive a personal message or a response from, I would feel bad inside. But recently I've noticed that those feelings don't exist anymore in my heart when I receive e-mail. I might have some psychological apprehension about receiving messages, but the emotional aspect is no longer a problem.


I guess I could also mention that I've been reading my own book again, and I've found a few ways to improve it some more. So, in coming months we could see a 3.2 edition. If Avril Lavigne sends me my important document, then I'll probably make it the Fourth Edition.


So, yeah, thanks for all the goodness, I'm feeling a lot better about life now. Years ago my life was a dismal hell-pit, but things have really improved, and I'm a lot happier now! Thanks!

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