Tuesday, January 22, 2013

An Angel Took My Pepsi!!!

I've started reading another self-published book called "Just Believe" by one Lisa Tarves. I've read the first few chapters, and I have to say, it seems like a really great book - it's well written, and it's interesting, and it just feels like a good read.

In the book, the author describes how as a little girl she could see angels as a child and communicate with the angels either by talking to them, or more usually by THINKING at them. She eventually grew up to be a faith-healer and metaphysical master of some sort.

Anyway, in my own life I realize that when I pray, sometimes I talk directly to God, sometimes I talk to Jesus, but most of the time I just get to talk to angels. Sometimes the angel is a guy, sometimes it's a girl - and yes, it's often or usually or pretty much always thought-based communication.

Anywho, today I was as I was walking into the local 7 Eleven, I asked "Do angels like Pepsi?" The female angel (who was invisible) with me replied something along the lines of "sure we do" and "I hope you're not going to ask this every time we come here".

As I filled my Double Gulp cup with Pepsi - I made sure it was FULL. I paid for the pepsi, but as I picked it up and walked out of the store, I realized that quite a bit of my pepsi had somehow just magically disappeared. There were no leaks or spills of pepsi anywhere, and I had made certain that I filled it pretty much to the top, so I can only suppose that my female angel friend who was with me decided to have a drink. Very weird, eh? :)

Just one of those evidences.

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