Sunday, January 27, 2013

8th Ward has been eliminated!!!

If you read my book, you'd know that one of the big governing factors in my life was Calgary 8th Ward.

8th Ward has been eliminated. (due to a declining population and a restructuring of ward boundaries - how else can one explain fewer wards in the stake???)

This news makes me happy, although, it's not particularly meaningful as I'm not too likely to return to church for a long time if  at all.

But yes - 8th Ward was such a headache and now it's gone. And I'm happy to report that my brother-in-law's brother is now the bishop of 17th Ward. Yay!!!

I think the church is trying to be really-really-nice to me. And yes - in order to help me be friendly with the church, it is absolutely necessary, because at the best of times I find myself disliking the LDS. OK - the best of times I actually think about going back, but more often than not my hatred emerges.

Read my books for more details about the history of the story.

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