Wednesday, January 9, 2013

3.2 Edition is Here

3.2 Edition of The Book of Finch is out now, on Kindle, and there's a free edition at I'm also publishing it through smash words, so hopefully it'll appear on the iBookstore, Barnes&Noble and Sony etc.

This new edition contains a bunch of fixes and improvements, but does not contain my special document from Avril Lavigne, as she has not sent it to me yet.

The only big concern I'd have about the quality of the 3.2 Edition is that when I was re-reading 3.1 edition to look for ways to make it better, I stopped concentrating intensely on the last few chapters, so it's possible that the last few chapters didn't get much improvement, if there is necessary improvement for those chapters, I would have barely noticed. I did make some edits to the last chapters, but I just didn't concentrate too hard on those chapters.


I kind of regret my first edition: first edition was one of the best selling editions of the book, yet it was such a poorly written document. I wasted thousands of dollars on getting it published --- it was basically a learning experience. Um. I'm glad it sold as well as it did, but I'm sad the readers received such poor quality.
What's really sad is that second edition was still not that great, and neither were the earlier renditions of third edition. 3.2 is definitely the best so far, but knowing history, I figure I'll find something to improve about it, eventually.


As for the church, i am ambivalent towards the church. I see it as a church with truth and reality to it, but I also see it as possessing great stupidity. "Once bitten, twice shy" is a phrase I've learned in recent months, and that means after I've had a few bad experiences with the church, I am way less likely to go back for more.

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