Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I feel really good inside. I feel so happy, it's just a good heart-warming feeling.

I feel like I can forgive Richard Melchin. I don't forget some of the things that happened, but I don't feel bad about it either. This doesn't mean I'll go back to church and try to be his friend, but I feel so good inside that you could not say that I am angry or hateful right now.

I still don't approve of some of the things that were said or happened, but I don't feel any hatred or anger either. The holy spirit is pleasuring me.


Yesterday I had so many thoughts and feelings about how much the church was something I really didn't like, and when Dave Perez became completely unreasonable with me, I just let loose an explosion of how much I do not approve of his way. And I've felt a lot better ever since, I am so happy.


If these happy feelings last, it would be like, I'd never feel angry ever again.


But in all seriousness --- in my own discussions with my family, my dad says Richard Melchin's letter is Richard Melchin's problem. Yesterday Dave Perez said it was my problem. So the stake president was sending me problems huh? I'm just a little confused about why we can't straighten out whose problem it is: he said something to me that was untrue/unreliable, and Dave says it's my problem while my Dad says it's Melchin's problem. Why is there such a disagreement?? Why can't we come to an agreement about whose problem it actually is???


Anyway, happy feelings, peace, love, etc -- just good stuff in my heart.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

8th Ward has been eliminated!!!

If you read my book, you'd know that one of the big governing factors in my life was Calgary 8th Ward.

8th Ward has been eliminated. (due to a declining population and a restructuring of ward boundaries - how else can one explain fewer wards in the stake???)

This news makes me happy, although, it's not particularly meaningful as I'm not too likely to return to church for a long time if  at all.

But yes - 8th Ward was such a headache and now it's gone. And I'm happy to report that my brother-in-law's brother is now the bishop of 17th Ward. Yay!!!

I think the church is trying to be really-really-nice to me. And yes - in order to help me be friendly with the church, it is absolutely necessary, because at the best of times I find myself disliking the LDS. OK - the best of times I actually think about going back, but more often than not my hatred emerges.

Read my books for more details about the history of the story.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


Just as a note: a few days ago I did some pretty good Pick 3 tests that I didn't mention on this site, but I did mention on facebook.


We started today's telepathy with the Alpha-numeric Pick 3, and the first two tests didn't turn out so well.


But the third test I REALLY SHINED.


I started reading my father's mind - I could sense three individual characters all at once, so I wrote down "C Z R".

After I had finished my reading, my dad exposed his winners:::: They were "C 2 R"!!!!!!

I got TWO EXACTLY RIGHT with the Third being similar in appearance. YES!! WHOOHOO!!! So awesome.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

An Angel Took My Pepsi!!!

I've started reading another self-published book called "Just Believe" by one Lisa Tarves. I've read the first few chapters, and I have to say, it seems like a really great book - it's well written, and it's interesting, and it just feels like a good read.

In the book, the author describes how as a little girl she could see angels as a child and communicate with the angels either by talking to them, or more usually by THINKING at them. She eventually grew up to be a faith-healer and metaphysical master of some sort.

Anyway, in my own life I realize that when I pray, sometimes I talk directly to God, sometimes I talk to Jesus, but most of the time I just get to talk to angels. Sometimes the angel is a guy, sometimes it's a girl - and yes, it's often or usually or pretty much always thought-based communication.

Anywho, today I was as I was walking into the local 7 Eleven, I asked "Do angels like Pepsi?" The female angel (who was invisible) with me replied something along the lines of "sure we do" and "I hope you're not going to ask this every time we come here".

As I filled my Double Gulp cup with Pepsi - I made sure it was FULL. I paid for the pepsi, but as I picked it up and walked out of the store, I realized that quite a bit of my pepsi had somehow just magically disappeared. There were no leaks or spills of pepsi anywhere, and I had made certain that I filled it pretty much to the top, so I can only suppose that my female angel friend who was with me decided to have a drink. Very weird, eh? :)

Just one of those evidences.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

3.2 Edition Facebook News

I posted the following to facebook:


I've edited 3.2 edition of The Book of Finch again - this time deleting less-useful information out of Chapter 20, information that does not need to be included and seems to take away quality from the presentation of the story.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I'm a horrible book designer. I must be retarded.

I admit --- I'm horrible at publishing books.

Last night I was reviewing the then-most-recent text of The Book of Finch and I found a typo that needed to be fixed - I'm surprised it was there, and I'm surprised it took me so long to find.

Today I was looking at Smashwords and Smashwords informed me of a change I should make to a cover --- and as I was making the change to the cover I noticed the word "Text" written in small black words on the cover. UGH!!! I really screwed that up!!! I can't believe how hard it is to get all the details right!!

I feel like I'm retarded.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

3.2 Edition is Here

3.2 Edition of The Book of Finch is out now, on Kindle, and there's a free edition at I'm also publishing it through smash words, so hopefully it'll appear on the iBookstore, Barnes&Noble and Sony etc.

This new edition contains a bunch of fixes and improvements, but does not contain my special document from Avril Lavigne, as she has not sent it to me yet.

The only big concern I'd have about the quality of the 3.2 Edition is that when I was re-reading 3.1 edition to look for ways to make it better, I stopped concentrating intensely on the last few chapters, so it's possible that the last few chapters didn't get much improvement, if there is necessary improvement for those chapters, I would have barely noticed. I did make some edits to the last chapters, but I just didn't concentrate too hard on those chapters.


I kind of regret my first edition: first edition was one of the best selling editions of the book, yet it was such a poorly written document. I wasted thousands of dollars on getting it published --- it was basically a learning experience. Um. I'm glad it sold as well as it did, but I'm sad the readers received such poor quality.
What's really sad is that second edition was still not that great, and neither were the earlier renditions of third edition. 3.2 is definitely the best so far, but knowing history, I figure I'll find something to improve about it, eventually.


As for the church, i am ambivalent towards the church. I see it as a church with truth and reality to it, but I also see it as possessing great stupidity. "Once bitten, twice shy" is a phrase I've learned in recent months, and that means after I've had a few bad experiences with the church, I am way less likely to go back for more.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Life is Good

I would like to seriously thank the good people who have helped me in so many ways through my life - you've been awesome, and I really appreciate it very much.

I'm feeling better about the LDS church these days, though I'm not fully certain that I'll reactivate, I am in a more content mood emotionally and psychologically about the church.

One indication that I am improving emotionally is how I feel. For the longest time I would suffer from a social anxiety, like whenever I receive a personal message or a response from, I would feel bad inside. But recently I've noticed that those feelings don't exist anymore in my heart when I receive e-mail. I might have some psychological apprehension about receiving messages, but the emotional aspect is no longer a problem.


I guess I could also mention that I've been reading my own book again, and I've found a few ways to improve it some more. So, in coming months we could see a 3.2 edition. If Avril Lavigne sends me my important document, then I'll probably make it the Fourth Edition.


So, yeah, thanks for all the goodness, I'm feeling a lot better about life now. Years ago my life was a dismal hell-pit, but things have really improved, and I'm a lot happier now! Thanks!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Sorta OK but generally not good TELEPATHY RESULTS

OK, so, I haven't been doing a lot of telepathy for a while, the tests I did do a while ago weren't the greatest, but I decided to do three more alphanumeric pick 3's with my father today.


Test 1: I said "(A or R) (C or B) Q".

His answer: 4 X R

This is an interesting test because I got the R right, and I also said A, and A is kind of like 4 in appearance, so this was a sort of OK test.


Test 2: I said "N (F or G) 2"

His answer: B C 0

I had absolutely nothing right --- completely wrong, horrible. The only excuse I have is that G and C are kind of similar.


Test 3: I said "L P N"

His answer: 7 8 Z

Even though I got every single character wrong, L is like an upside down 7, N is a sideways Z, and 8 and P also share some similarity (like how 4 and A are similar). I thought I did pretty OK in this experiment, even if I was "technically" completely wrong. I was sort of kind of on the right track.


So::: my telepathy skill is definitely imperfect, not that great, but might be shown to be existent. Cool eh?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

First Rating and Review on Amazon!

Taken from a facebook post I recently posted:

The Book of Finch just got its first rating and review on amazon! I'd like to congratulate the reader on actually PURCHASING a copy of the book!

Of course, he gave me 1 star and said I was completely insane, but the book clearly states it is about someone with mental health issues so what did he expect to read? Of course, he's just saying he doesn't like people he considers to be mentally ill.

Anyway -- Would you agree that this book is absolutely horrible and that it's about a crazy man? Have a read for yourself! (if you don't want to waste the money on the $0.99 kindle, you can download it for free from