Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The 'Christopher Nemelka' Question

Last night I was watching some mormon-related show, and they started talking about and talking with one Christopher Nemelka.

I thought Christopher Nemelka seemed possible, I thought he seemed believable.

But now that I've had a bit of a closer look - I think there might be something wrong. He claims he is not a prophet - yet he claims to have translated the sealed portion of The Book of Mormon and seems to think he understands more about scripture than anyone else.

I admit I may be wrong in my analysis - but with Nemelka's works I would PROCEED WITH CAUTION, or IGNORE.

I have no idea what his motives are - and I thought he could have been believable if he was authentic, I may be wrong to think he's wrong - but I have not seen enough proof of his validity to accept that he is real.

I have experiences about my own life that I know are real. I know certain things about life and reality. Nemelka almost seemed to have a plausible idea of what the truth might be, but I fear he is just a cunning deception.

At first I thought he was insane, and then I thought he was believable and I was excited - but now I'm guessing there's something not quite right about him.

In order to prove or disprove him, I would have to sit down and try to read and understand and analyze all his work. This seems very unlikely, as I am already looking at him with skepticism.

If he could meet Joseph Smith Jr., if he could translate the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon, yet he is not a prophet, then I would have to be skeptical.

There are things I know about myself like: A) I have predicted the future multiple times. B) I have seen Jesus Christ multiple times. C) I have experienced the miraculous. D) I want to inspire good moralities in people.

How well do these four things about myself fit in with the LDS church? Technically I fit right in with the LDS church. In practice, I know the LDS church has some serious problems accepting these realities, so I just stay away from them now, mostly.

But, if I am a man who experience(s/d) those four things, then I do consider myself a prophet. In the LDS church, I would be a small 'p' prophet, but a prophet nonetheless.


Christopher Nemelka makes wondrous claims about his experiences and knowledge, yet he does NOT claim to be a prophet. Nemelka expressed a view that there is no single one God entity, that we are our own Gods, or whatever it was he exactly said. I don't think this is true. When I pray, I'm praying to another being, I am not doing it with myself.


My claims about myself and my experiences are less majestic that Namelka's, but I know that even I am prophetic. If Namelka is more majestic than me, yet not a prophet --- that is a sign of concern that would lead me to reject him.


I do not know his motives, but I am skeptical about Namelka's claims. If he knows Jesus and translated the sealed portion of The Book of Mormon, I would think he'd be a prophet, but he claimed he's not a prophet, so that's a simple sign that I don't need to bother with him.

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