Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Latest Evolution: CHEAP AND FREE!!

On the evening of December 21st 2012 I decided I should try to get more people to actually read my book, and thought that maybe lowering the price of the ebook to $0.99 would attract readers.

Well, I lowered the price, and told over a thousand people on facebook about the decrease - and though people liked my post that the book was now the cheapest price possible, none of them actually bought it.

Yes - I think it's sad that I have 1400 fans who all like my book but the vast majority of them aren't willing to spend $0.99 to read it.

This evening I thought "to hell with it" and decided to release the publication for FREE on!

So far, Facebook hasn't seemed too inclined to tell people about this new freedom, some kind of problem or something, but hopefully people will find out and finally download it to read it.

If my 1400+ fans can't seriously be bothered to actually READ the book even though it's FREE - I'll be seriously disappointed.

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