Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Telepathy Results

So, I stopped testing telepathy for a while. I started again today.

How has my testing been?

I've been testing with the aphanumeric Pick 3 with my father again. Today we did FOUR tests.

Tabulating the results isn't the easiest thing, but you could say that I got one to three 1/3's today. Why am I not being specific?

here's why: The first test I saw in my mind a Z, but I thought it could be a C. I wrote down C, but the right answer was Z. I saw the right answer, but I put down the wrong character.

The second test I saw a shape like a 3, so I wrote down a 3. Turned out to be a B, my father's B looked very closely like a 3 or a 13.

Third test I got completely wrong. No excuse.

And on the fourth test I got the L right. I thought the L might've been a 7, so I wrote down 7 and L, and the L turned out to be correct.
Remember: getting 1/3 in the alphanumeric Pick 3 represents 1:12 odds.

Today might not have been the most impressive, but you have to understand that 3 and B got confused, and even though I didn't write down the Z, I DID see the Z, I just said C instead. Not very impressive, but even if you say I only got one 1/3, I got 1:12 odds in only four tests. It seems greater when you think I got three 1:12 odds in four tests.
But really, I'm not very good. I'm just kinda-sorta-slightly capable. Enough to have fun, but not good enough for TV.

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