Thursday, December 27, 2012

My Stance on the Ruling Economical and Governmental Systems in Society

For some reason recently, my mind has turned to thought about where I stand on how the economic system of my society should be run. So, I decided to write up this post.

Growing up, I excelled in school, and as it was obvious that I could trounce the competition, I had a very capitalistic attitude. So, essentially I was a capitalist.

BUT - growing up my father had no job, and I was going crazy, so as I was growing crazy I realized I could not survive in capitalism, so I more or less made a quick switch to socialism.

Under capitalist ideal, my family was very poor and had to rely on the church welfare system for food.

Under a more "lefty" ideal, my family has increased greatly in wealth. It's not perfect socialism, it's not completely capitalist either.

This would seem to show that I am a centrist, in our canadian system, that would be like calling me a "Liberal". But, the term "Liberal" doesn't really stick because ever since I've ever known, my father has instilled a huge aversion to Liberals in my family. From what I understand of the political spectrum, I'm happy with a centrist system between capitalism and socialism, but I've never actually VOTED Liberal. I'm like a bi-polar centrist, either voting for the extreme left or the extreme right.

Yup - that's right folks - I've always voted either as far right as possible or almost as far left as possible. I considered voting communist for a little bit too.

Of course, the closest I got to voting CENTRIST, was when I helped elect Alison Redford as the leader of the PC's in Alberta. She's the closest thing to a centrist I have ever voted for. She's a PC (PROGRESSIVE Conservative), so she'd be right of centre, whereas Liberals are typically LEFT of centre.

Electing Alison Redford was a good move for me, I'm thankful for what she has done in my life, but that didn't stop me from betraying the PC's in the next election and going with the right-wing WILDROSE party.

Anywho, there are reasons I went with Wildrose, mostly just because my brother had a friend who wanted to run for political position in the party, but anyway...


Anywho, so I like social ideals, and I would think that I'm a socialist, except I have no idea what it's like to live in a real socialist society, and I have voted for right wing parties in a few elections, so maybe I'm a centrist, maybe I'm a Liberal.


I've wanted to see myself as a socialist, but I've got enough connections with the right-wing side that I might just be a centrist, and in Alberta it's OK to be a centrist as there's a Progressive Conservative Party, but federally the PC's turned into just C's, and now the only centrist party I can think of is the Liberals. And we have an aversion to Liberals in my family.

Of course, last provincial election I ALMOST voted Liberal. I almost got comfortable with voting for that party, but I decided to vote on one debate alone, so I voted Wildrose. If the one issue I was thinking about wasn't my issue, then the Liberals would probably have been my party.


So --- economically, I'm pretty close to Liberal, although I've never voted for them. I'm a bi-polar centrist who once voted right-of-centre.


As for Governmental Systems of Choice --- I think Canada's governmental system is actually really, really nice. It's not too authoritarian, It's not too democratic, it just looks real great to me, and seems to be working well.


Growing up I was totally pro-democracy. But I realize democracy can fail. So at some point  I was thinking authoritarianism would be cool --- except it's totally obvious that authoritarian governments aren't that great either --- so what we have is Canada --- I think Canada has a GREAT system, not totally democratic, not completely authoritarian, just a nice mix of the two. Yay!

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