Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Father's Proof-Reading isn't worth squat

I've been re-reading my recently released book... and I realize that my father's proof-reading isn't worth squat.

He let through a number of little errors, as well as didn't alert me to a basic coherency problem in the story. I mean - holy crap dad - I asked you to proof-read my book to improve it, and for some reason after you've read it, I've got a number of "typos" and I'm not even sure you read the book with any level of intelligence or coherency because in this one part of the story I got from point a to point c without a point b. And you just let that through, as if  you didn't even realize something was missing.

Either someone somehow altered my text, or my Father's proofreading is so freakin' worthless that it's a huge pity I have to rely on him for editing.

My mom was going to read the book before I released it - but she flat-out told me that she wasn't going to read it for editing or proof-reading or anything.

Sucks. My story really isn't that bad --- it's just that some of it isn't portrayed in the best way possible. I have to wonder how brain-dead we had to be to not fix those errors and fix some coherency problems.

Obviously, as an author, I share in the blame. Could I say that my mind was so overworked by all the writing and proof-reading I had already done, that perhaps my father could have tried to use more than 2% of his brain when he read my book?

I feel like I've failed. Hopefully I will be my own worst critic. Damn. The only person willing to edit my book was a man who has a lower score in his english classes than me. Damn.

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