Saturday, December 1, 2012

Looks Like Sales

I've been looking through the various Amazon Marketplace shops for my books, and noticed something:

Sometimes the front page for my hardcover will say a marketplace shop has my hardcover, but when I look at their stock I only see softcovers.

I think it goes the other way too - sometimes the front page for my softcover will say a marketplace shop has my softcover, but when I look at their stock I only see hardcovers.

I would understand this to mean that my book has been selling - these stores are out of stock and since I cancelled publication of that edition, there should be no new stock - and the front page of my books just isn't updating like it should.

Wow. Thank you very much.

Now it's just a matter of waiting and seeing how long it takes the publisher to report these sales to me --- historically as I've experienced it, and as other authors have complained, the AuthorHouse publishing company isn't the greatest at reporting sales and royalties - on time at least. It's a little disappointing.

Be assured - I KNOW I've sold books that weren't reported when they were supposed to be. Somtimes it just takes several months to a year (or maybe longer) to get the sales reported. It's kind of sad, I wouldn't really recommend AuthorHouse to anyone because of that - but AuthorHouse was bought by Pearson or Penguin or something like that so hopefully the situation over there will improve.

As for fears of running out of stock of my book: there's a 3.1 edition for kindle available, but hopefully I'll be able to eventually release a Fourth Edition, once I get confirmation from Avril Lavigne about an important document (whether it's positive or negative confirmation).


In other news, in the past months I had this huge feeling of computer nostalgia so I went on to eBay and bought a couple APPLE II computers. I've played with them a bit, and I am darned thankful for ADT-Pro, and anyways, yeah, these computers are for hobbyists, and I'm absolutely loving them.

I found a third Apple II system on eBay earlier this week and I felt driven to bid on it because of my love for these computers. Unfortunately, someone else started a bid war with me, and I had other things to do with my money so I lost. :( Oh well, I've already got two of the machines, I hope my opponent enjoys his win. :)

I thank Apple Inc. for their history and early development of these machines - for some reason I just love them so much.

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