Saturday, December 22, 2012

Less Stock Available?

I've noticed that there have been a few shops on the Amazon Marketplace that have stopped selling or run out of stock of my book.

I can think of three reasons why they no longer list my book:

1) Christmas Break (unlikely)

2) All Sold Out (more likely)

3) They recycled or threw out all those copies because they weren't selling.


So, basically I'm facing a situation where these stores have run out of stock, and now I have to guess about whether the books were thrown out or if they were sold.

If they were sold, AuthorHouse might not tell me about it, as they have had problems reporting sales in the past.

If the books did sell, then I suppose it's just a bit of a shame that I would suddenly release a Free Edition ebook.

But, I think either the books were thrown out, or if they were sold then I likely won't be having the sale reported to me anyways, because historically AuthorHouse hasn't been very good at reporting sales. I would love to have sold all those books and to have received a nice fat royalty cheque for them, but I don't think we can expect AuthorHouse to properly report the sales.

AuthorHouse SHOULD report the sales, but I see them as being disreputable enough that the reports are unlikely.

Thank you to the fans who did buy the book - I hope you enjoy it.
Perhaps I've been entirely foolish to release my ebook for free - but recently I just wanted to get the book out there, so I didn't care if I didn't get paid. Actually, I wasn't really expecting to get paid --- even if people were buying all the hardcopies, I didn't really expect to get paid by AuthorHouse.

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