Thursday, December 6, 2012

Kicking Myself - Third Book

So, this is my third post about my third book where I'm just going to announce how disappointed I am in myself, and in my editor.

The only person who proof-read my book was my father --- and in school he scored lower in english than I did. After publication, I now find some language errors in the writing. If those aren't a big deal - there's a story coherency issue that is a bigger deal. My dad never lifted a finger or made any effort to fix these mistakes.

When I asked him how he'd rate my book, he said "4/5". I guess that was a warning that there was something wrong with my story, but after he gave it the 4/5 rating, he said "But I don't know how to make it better". AGGGHH. It's an imperfect story that he couldn't help me make better.

I suppose it's also my fault that the book turned out this way, I proof-read the book and obviously missed these things too. Actually, for some of these things I thought I had fixed them - but they've somehow reappeared. Very weird. And maybe some of them I never noticed. So it's also my fault.

As for my mom, like I said, she said she'd read it - but she had absolutely no desire to edit or proofread. That was discouraging, and yes, I decided to release the book before she was finished. She wasn't putting much effort into it. Why release the book prematurely? No one else was willing to proof-read, and I wanted it ready before christmas - so it could be used as a gift.

And my brother? My brother is just antagonistic towards me, so I don't think he would've been any good. How's he antagonistic? He'll argue with me about all sorts of things, and he's not interested in telepathy experiments, and I don't think he was interested in reading my book either.


I suppose the mistakes I'm referring to in the text aren't big deals, they're easy to get past. There's one mistake which is a bigger problem than the rest of them, but hopefully my readers will be able to get past that.


I guess I might as well mention that my book sold 53 free copies yesterday and the day before, and ranked as highly as 3,229 on I'm glad so many people bought it - but now that I've been reading it again, I can't help but fear that the reviews and ratings are going to reflect somewhat poorly on me.

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