Thursday, December 13, 2012

I Almost Seem Like an Expert

With telepathy, I have good days, and bad days. Today I had a few really bad experiments, and then we stopped. Then we did some other stuff for a while, and then I prayed, and then I wanted to do ONE more test today.

So, I asked my dad to write down three characters between 0-9 and A-Z, and to concentrate on each individually. I wrote down my reading.

I wrote down "4 M B".

My father's original was "4 6 B".

This is the absolute truth - I swear. I had written down only three characters, and he had his three, and two matched perfectly. It was beautiful.

The chances of getting 2/3 on the alphanumeric pick3 are 1:222 I think. Isn't that awesome??

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