Wednesday, December 5, 2012

About the Editing of the Third Book

I've been reading through my final released ebook of "The Eagle's Sore: A Novella", and something seems wrong.

Both my father and I proof-read the book. We both edited the book. I am now finding little "mistakes" or "problems" in the text that I THOUGHT I had fixed.

My father and I tried to make certain that the language was clean, we were meticulous about it - I had to take the word "crap" out.  But now I read the text and I find the word "Damnit". What? I thought I got rid of that kind of language!!!

It's unbelievable - both my father's and my proof reading was not nearly enough to take out all the imperfections. I mean, I think I even fixed some of those problems and then they somehow just reappeared.

I wanted my mother to proof-read the book too, but she wasn't interested in editing it. I wanted to release the book before Christmas, but the only person willing to proof-read it for me was my own father, and he's worse in English class than I am. Ugh.


Anyway, I don't think the book is a total loss - but I realize it's not the best or most perfected document. I guess I've disappointed myself.

I have absolutely no idea why some of those little mistakes are in there - I thought I had fixed those!!!

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